Communicate confidently!

Learn proven techniques to assert yourself  and resolve conflicts in your personal and professional life. Get the tools to connect on a deeper level in our one day online training:
11 December, 2021


Clarify your message and be more connected!

Direct yet respectful communication helps you to get the best results.

Being assertive is not power OVER but power WITH someone. Communicating assertively
gives you higher chance to be heard and cared for, while providing the same to the others around you.

Communication is a powerful, yet tricky beast. Sometimes it is really easy to get across your point and you find yourself surrounded by happiness and excitment. Other times, it is nearly impossible to figure out how to listen or assert yourself and you feel trapped in spirals of conflicts. These occasions are lost chances to build meaningful relationships; ignoring either yourself or the other causes loneliness, family disharmony, dissatisfaction in professional life, low self-esteem.

Direct and respectful communication is the lifeblood of good relationships. Your success in your personal life – be it as a spouse, friend or parent, or in your professional life as a manager, colleague or employee is greatly enhanced by your ability to communicate well. This course will teach you proven techniques that works for any conflict situation giving you an opportunity to develop in your carreer, self-awareness and mental health.

Virtual training room

Our online assertiveness training offers great opportunity for you if you want to improve your communication effectively from the comfort of your own home.

Several small group exercises, role plays, instant feedback, participant presentations, voting, quizzes, challenges and homework assignments ensure you have the best chances to advance your skills

Best practices & proven methods of self-expression and listening will provide you with opportunities to become more respectful in your private and professional life.


Learn a framework that works for any situation in your private or professional life.


Practice the tools and strategies you need to improve your communication in small groups.


Take the guesswork out of your communication and gain expertise in a safe environment.

What's my investment


DATE - 11 December 2021
TIME - 8 hours
TRAVEL - none
FEE - 120 EUR

"The training has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I know how to confront someone with the behaviour I do not like, I am a better team leader... It's empowering. Well done and thank you very much."
Will D.
Marketing manager


"Wow.... just wow! I have learned more in one day about communication than for decades at school. I should have attended 15 years ago."
Julia F.
"Going to an assertiveness training has always been on my bucket list, but I could never find the money for it. When COVID-19 happened and this training showed up, it was an easy yes. The breakout rooms were by far the very best part ofmy experience. It's been incredible."
Carolyne A.


Module #1

How to recognize difficult situations earlier and
be more present?
How to respond effectively to an aggressive behavior?
What should I do if someone is manipulative?

Module #2

How to assert myself with confidence in difficult situations?
How to confront others with an effective and convincing message?
When and how should I talk about my feelings?

Module #3

What should I do when the other is upset, nervous, or tense?
How can I be empathetic just at the right level?
What are the most common traps of active listening?

Module #4

Role plays and practicing difficult situations in small groups.
How to deal with emotionally upsetting situations?
What turns my action effective against difficult people?


Can I get a certificate?

Claimable in email after the training, we will send you a printable certificate with your name on it, and/or we provide a LinkedIn certificate and endorsement about your assertivenes  skills.

Asszertív kommunikáció tanúsítvány, asszertivitás oklevél

What can I learn in one day?

We spend undeservedly little time learning to improve our communication, build trust or effectively handling conflicts. These 8 hours together provides an opportunity to really focus on how to make the small changes that will transform your communication and deliver remarkable results.

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